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Your local garage for all exhaust systems in Caro, MI

All exhaust systems require dedicated care and expert attention in order to perform to their fullest capacity. Whether you're looking for a custom part for your vintage car or just want to increase the performance of your family car we have the specialist mechanics at Castle Automotive who can help. Conveniently based in Caro, MI we have a fully equipped garage that can handle all muffler installations and repairs for any make or model.

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What we can do for you

We do all automobile repair and service for the last 20+ years, the team at Castle Automotive can diagnose, repair or replace any system, regardless of your vehicle type or requirements. You can count on all services to be thorough, prompt and affordable. Our specialist brands of MFG's are:
  • Wagner Brake Parts
  • Moog Chassis Parts
  • Monroe Shock and Struts
One of the newly installed exhaust systems in Caro, MI

Dedicated approach

Whether you need quick check-up or a more comprehensive service, the mechanics from Castle Automotive pay the same level of attention to all projects. Our goal is to ensure to you can be on the road quickly and safely, with complete peace of mind.
Based in Caro, we cater to a range of customers with varying requirements. Many of our customers are car enthusiasts who want a muffler or exhaust systems that can improve the performance of their vehicle. We also work with everyday drivers who want to reduce the sound and noise pollution of their engine. Be sure that your car is in safe hands by relying on us for your next requirement.
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